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    This coin is an exact duplicate of the coin tossed just prior to the January 2, 1996 Fiesta Bowl game, played in Tempe, Arizona, between the University of Nebraska and the University of Florida for the collegiate football national championship. Pundits had declared this game a mismatch between the wide open offensive football style of Steve Spurier's Florida team vs the outdated running game that Tom Osborne had nurtured at Nebraska. The game did turn into a mismatch, with Nebraska completely dominating Florida and winning the game 62-24. The game is remembered by many Nebraska fans for an incredible, nearly full field run from scrimmage for a touchdown by quarterback Tommie Frazier that is referred to simply as "The Run". This coin was minted for a one time duration, and is now out of production. It is 2" in diameter and is minted out of nickel silver. The coin comes packaged in a clear, air tight collector's case.