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    Make your own very special Daughters of the Nile clothing with these attractive iron on beaded decal. Available in both 6" size and 3" size, be sure to pick your selection from our pull down menu.

    Application Directions

    1. Remove protective backing from patch and place adhesive back side against fabric

    2. Ensure that the surface of fabric is flat

    3. Apply heat on the design with iron or heat press. DO NOT use steam.

    *Fine fabrics iron should be set on wool/cotton setting (325-340 degrees) for 7-10 seconds

    *Heavy fabrics iron should be set to 350 degrees for 12-15 seconds

    4. Apply light to medium pressure with iron or heat press

    5. Let cool completely before removing the film

    6. Remove film carefully and your transfer should be permanently sealed onto your fabric.

    * If for any reason you notice any of the stones are not adhered when you lift the film, place the film back on and reapply heat with more pressure, Once you have reapplied heat and pressure with the film, remove film and cover with a cloth and apply heat and pressure again for 7-10 seconds over cloth.

    *When applied properly items can be washed and dry cleaned with care.

    *Not recommended for leather, PVC or plastics