• Shipping:

    Please note that shipping process for un-personalized stock items will be processed 1-2 business days after order is placed.
    If your order is placed late Friday night or anytime over the weekend, then it will be shipped out that following Tuesday.
    Also note that the day your order ships does not count as a shipping day (example, customer orders a patch with 2 day shipping, and it ships Wednesday, they will receive it Friday as Wednesday does not count as a shipping day)
    For personalized items, please note that the process will be 10-14 business days until we can ship it.

  • Order processing:

    As stated above, stock items will be processed 1-2 days unless order is placed over the weekend/late Friday night. Personalized items will take 10-14 business days and that does not include shipping.

  • Returns/Exchanges:

    Returns are acceptable if the item is reusable and in new condition. Uniform returns only accepted if not worn and tags are still on the product. Customers are responsible for the return shipping charges and we will issue a refund for the merchandise once we receive it.
    For exchanges same rules apply, and customers are responsible for the shipping charge to Awards Unlimited and the shipping of the new item back to them.
    If there is an emergency or if you’re having any issues please contact a sales representative at Awards Unlimited (402) 474-0815.

  • Purchase Orders :

    All purchase orders must be approved by Awards Unlimited. We will review your history and if you have any outstanding balances with us, your balance must be paid in full to activate the purchase order option. In order to be approved, please call Awards Unlimited 402-474-0815 and speak with a salesperson. If approved you will have an option for the use of a purchase order or credit card for the payment. Before you call please have an account set up on raustore.com. This will help ease the process of ordering.