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    Nebraska football is about much more than a football game, it is about the memories you make and share with friends. Help remember those moments you shared with those who have passed on with this special, Football in Heaven frame. Insert your 5" x 7" vertical photograph to complete this very special Husker frame. 13" x 16 1/4", this professionally built, wooden frame is sure find a place in your heart. Poem wording: Football in Heaven. If there is football in heaven, And a team made of Husker athletes, I am sure you've walked through the tunnel, Have sat down and found a good seat. I would think that the band has now played, And you would have stood up and clapped, As the team ran out on the field, And the crowd's "Go Big Red!" was unmatched. As the scoreboard lights up the game, And kickoff gets the crowd going there, Remember down here we still miss you, And cherish the moments we shared. All the good times spent watching the games, The fun that we had all those days, While we followed the team through the years, All the while sharing time that we made. So before the game there gets too far along, And the red balloons fill up the sky, Think of us, smile and yell "Husker", And we'll think of you, smile and yell "Power". Copyright 2011 Awards Unlimited