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    Holy Cow, Batman, these stretched canvas prints are as big as Tom Osborne! *Oversized, highly detailed reproduction canvas prints of famed team photographer Dick Blomgren, we have ALL panoramic team prints available for purchase from 1949 -when they looked tough in their leather outfits through 2003 - when the tradition of taking panoramic team photos ultimately stopped. These timeless black and white photos were taken wherever the team was practicing and includes all coaches and players from each team. Each name was painstakingly hand written on the negatives, assuring each individual's place in Nebraska football history.

    All of this is now reproduced in a super sized, (6ft x 1ft 3/4in size) print.

    No one had ever made such a large panoramic team photo.No one ever dared.Until now.And it's available right here from Awards Unlimited.A great, classic wall hanging, and the perfect gift for anyone who was on, or related to anyone who was on, the team or coaching staff between 1949 and 2003.

    *Well, not really.But it's close! 6ft x 1ft 3/4in