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3 Ways to Navigate Troublesome In-Home Wi-Fi

Spotty connectivity holding you back? These quick tips should have you back up and running in no time.

1. Use Your Smartphone as a Hotspot.
If your connectivity issues are only occasional, this can be a temporary get-over-the-hump trick. Cellular networks are constructed to carry a greater number of users, meaning your smartphone’s data connection could be faster than your broadband when the latter is acting up. So swipe on your phone’s hotspot to connect your laptop/desktop to the Internet for a while.

Wifi Signal Phone

2. Use a Mesh Wi-Fi System.
This can be a lasting solution for remote workers who have strong connectivity in one area of their home and weak connectivity in others. These systems enable you to web together various wireless access points to cover your house with a balanced and robust Internet connection. Amazon Eero, Google Nest Wifi, Asus ZenWifi AX (XT8), and TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Mesh Wi-Fi System are some of your best options.

3. Invest in Speed.
If you experience consistently slow internet and the mesh system doesn’t appreciably improve spotty coverage, then check with your internet provider about options for faster broadband speeds, which will likely be more expensive. If the investment becomes necessary, see if your employer might help offset the cost increase.

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